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Are you thinking about getting a website designed and unsure what to expect to pay for your new website? Read on to find out how much a website may cost you.

Whether you opt for a freelance website designer or a website design agency, there will always be a range of pricing options. There is no one box fits all with website design as there are so many options. Prices can range from a few hundred for a basic website set up to thousands for a developed platform with multiple integrations and high page count.

The cost of your website will depend on the type of site you need and the number of features you require. However, to give you an idea of how much you’ll need to spend, we’ve provided the average costs of using a web designer for different websites below…

Website builder and ecommerce platform costs

To avoid the expense of hiring a professional web designer, you should consider using a website builder or ecommerce platform. Examples of these are Shopify, Wix, or GoDaddy Website Builder. As a business owner, the best ecommerce platforms also represent one of the most efficient ways to make money online, offering sales-specific features to help you sell products without a fuss.

These usually cost £5-£40 a month on a subscription basis.

I always mention using a website builder to start up companies who are not ready to fork out for a full website set up. However, this is not the best option if you know you will be growing the website down the line. As website builders usually have a lot of additional costs as you grow or want to add new pages or features.

If you know that your business will be growing and you want to make a bespoke site. I recommend the next option.

One page WordPress website

WordPress is the easiest CMS (content management system), with over 455 million websites using it around the globe. If yours is using it too, then there is a lot more capacity for you to improve your website with less of a cost.

You may only need a one page website, but paying that little bit extra for your own one page WordPress website is like buying a product. It is your website, there are no restrictions with additional costs, or monthly subscriptions.

The one off cost for building a one page WordPress website can range from £100 to £500 depending on who you go with and what designs and integrations you want on your website. Also be sure to remember hosting (find out more about what hosting is here) and any monthly maintenance costs (plugin updates and content updates) if you choose to get someone else to do that for you.

Why would need a one page website?

A one page website is perfect for representing your or your brand if you are just starting up. You may only have a small amount of content so that it can all fit on one page. You can still have a anchor menu to link to different areas on that page, and no restiction on how much content you have on it. Take a look at this example of a one page website – Handy Man Odd Job.

Once you have your website built and designed, you have the ability to grow your website yourself or get your website designer to build additional pages when and if you are ready to do so.

I can show you some great tips on improving your WordPress website for free. Alternatively, if you’d like professional WordPress training that is also something I offer.

5 page WordPress Website

You may be starting a new business or you could be growing your business. A 5 page WordPress website would be perfect for this.

5 pages usually includes a Homepage, About Us Page, Services Page, Blog page, and a Contact Us page. Although this is only an example of what you could do with those five pages. Depending on your industry or the content you have this could change to be bespoke to you,

The one off cost for building a five page WordPress website can start from £500 and go up to £1000 depending on who you go with and what designs and integrations you want on your website.

Hosting & Monthly Maintenance 

To hold your space on your website, you need a hosting package. This is where your website files are stored and you need that to make your website live on the internet. Hosting can range from £10 per month to £300 a year depending on your hosting provider.

If you want monthly plugin updates or content updates. This comes at an additional cost. Monthly maintenance can cost anywhere between £25 and £500. This is bespoke to your website and how much content assistance you need each month.

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