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“Sasha has done an amazing job creating our website for us! We had big plans but we had no idea how amazing she would make it! Integrating all the plugins we needed and making it look amazing and super user friendly. Sasha is an absolute dream to work with and is super quick at turning things around! So grateful for the amazing work she has done for us!”

Melissa Jones, Co-Founder of Wild Wanderers Women

After joining the rapidly growing Wild Wanderers Women adventure group, I saw a real potential of how quickly they would need a website. The group was founded to help women become more independent and find themselves through activity and meeting like-minded women. They are now raising money for Womens Aid, supporting those who have been domestically abused.

Talking to Melissa and Emma, the founders of the group, I was overwhelmed with the positivity they had and what they wanted to do to help women in need. They decided they want to set up their own charity to supply women getting out of abusive relationships everything they need to get out into nature. Whether thats a tent, hiking boots or other activity wear or camping gear. Personally experiencing how getting outdoors and being one with nature can make you feel, this is what they want to share.

They currently use Facebook groups to share information, connect people and plan events. With over 15,000 members and counting, organising events and keeping track of everything was getting quite disorganised. I offered my services to build them a website that will allow members to apply to join, be approved, and once approved view events, create events, and have conversations with members. Although the Facebook groups wont be going anywhere, this site allowed them to keep all their information in one place.

Additionally, the site now allows them to share their tips for camping and other activities, past events, and even sell merchandise that all goes toward the charity. This was a great project to work on and support. This platform has capacity to grow as the Wild Wanderers community does.

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