Website Design

Appetite 4 Careers offers world class training solutions for businesses and candidates in the hospitality industry. They are passionate about training staff and giving them the skills to succeed in their current or future roles. They are a sister company to Appetite 4 Recruitment, Appetite 4 Work, and Hospitality Jobs UK. Their brands are very much established and I was brought in to provide design services to bring Appetite 4 Careers up to the same level.

Appetite 4 Careers knew the services they were providing, their ethos, and had a logo at the ready, I brought this together to design and build a new website for them. Their site needed to clearly explain the businesses purpose and their services for businesses and candidates individually.

This 5 page website was a great starting point for them, designed in mind to grow with their business. As they grow we are planning to add more testimonials, a portfolio of case studies and a blog with news and tips for their audience. With their monthly maintenance and hosting package we are working closely together to grow their digital presence quickly.

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