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“Loving my new website! Thank you so much Sasha. I’ve known Sasha for over 5 years. She is fantastic. Very reliable, flexible, supportive and most of all patient. I would highly recommend her if you are wanting a new website”

Narelle Summers, Founder of Wellbeing At Work

Client Profile: Wellbeing at Work, spearheaded by Narelle Summers, specialises in workplace coaching to combat rising stress levels. With a focus on employee happiness, health, and productivity, Narelle offers simple yet effective techniques to foster a positive work environment.

Client’s Aim: Amidst the increasing prevalence of workplace stress, Wellbeing at Work sought to establish a stronger online presence. Narelle aimed to showcase her coaching services and empower businesses to prioritise employee wellbeing. With a vision to expand her reach, she engaged our services to create a new logo, brand identity, and website landing page.

Project Scope:Collaborating closely with Narelle, we embarked on a comprehensive rebranding and website design project. We developed a new logo and brand identity that resonated with Wellbeing at Work’s mission and values. The website landing page was meticulously crafted to highlight Narelle’s services, emphasising simplicity and effectiveness. Built with scalability in mind, the website allows for future growth and updates as Narelle’s business expands.

Future Prospects:The new logo, brand identity, and website landing page serve as powerful tools for Wellbeing at Work’s continued growth and success. With a strong online presence, Narelle is better positioned to reach businesses seeking workplace coaching solutions. As her business evolves, the website can easily accommodate additional services and updates, ensuring ongoing relevance and impact in promoting employee wellbeing.

Discover simple yet effective workplace coaching solutions with Wellbeing at Work. Our new logo, brand, and website showcase services by Narelle Summers. Contact us for happier, healthier, and more productive employees!

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