Website Design

From starting their catering business, Feed Me Fresh, they asked why they didn’t make treats for customers furry friends too. From cheese and bacon, to peanut butter and banana. Boo’s Organic Doggo Treats were becoming a hit and they wanted to set up a site just for the treats.

With a smaller budget due to being a start-up, we decided the best way to create a website for the products was to duplicate the Feed Me Fresh website that was designed and built tailored to them. From there all we needed to do was update the content and branding.

This is once again an Ecommerce website to work alongside their market stall sales. This allows them to take orders easily over the web. This means more customers, and in turn, more sales.

The site works well as a marketing tool for the product to sell items as well as share more information about the products. It is also a great asset that can grow as the business does.

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