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“Sasha has been great to work with. Speedy, responsive, really good value for money, and great at turning our vague ideas and aspirations into reality.”

Richard Toomer, Tourism Alliance

The Tourism Alliance, entrusted the team at Chell Web & Design with the monumental task of modernising their branding and revamping their entire array of print and digital assets. As the umbrella trade association for the UK’s tourism industry, The Tourism Alliance sought to reinvent their image, aligning it with the dynamic landscape of the sector.

Our journey commenced with a fresh and contemporary logo design, capturing the essence of the Alliance’s overarching mission and vision. The new logo embodied the spirit of travel and collaboration, reflecting their role as the umbrella organisation for the thriving tourism industry in the UK.

Refreshing their print materials, we worked together to craft exhibition banners, business cards, letterheads, reports, and documents, each element meticulously designed to resonate with the Alliance’s refined brand identity. The result was a comprehensive suite of eye-catching and professionally-crafted collateral that exuded modernity and professionalism at every touchpoint.

A pivotal part of the project involved reimagining The Tourism Alliance’s digital landscape, culminating in the complete overhaul of their website. We designed and built a sophisticated and user-friendly platform that seamlessly showcased their impressive roster of over 80 Tourism members. The website featured dedicated member pages, where each member could effortlessly update and upload essential information about their organisation, fostering a sense of engagement and involvement.

To keep the website dynamic and informative, we integrated sections for press releases, media, reports, and publications, offering visitors access to the latest industry insights and updates. Additionally, a comprehensive calendar of upcoming events was implemented, providing a hub of essential dates for industry professionals to mark in their diaries.

The site’s back-end infrastructure was tailored to ensure ease of management, allowing The Tourism Alliance’s team to efficiently oversee and curate content, ensuring the website remained up-to-date and relevant.

In conclusion, our collaboration with The Tourism Alliance resulted in a remarkable transformation of their brand identity and digital presence. With a refreshed image and a highly interactive website, The Tourism Alliance is now ideally positioned to continue their vital role in uniting and empowering the UK’s diverse tourism industry, driving progress, and fostering prosperity for all their members.

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