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“Sasha was fantastic! She really helped me make my ideas a reality, and my website is all I could wish for. We spent time floating around ideas, to which she was very hands-on and approachable with the changes I wanted to make (some last minute). Without hesitation, I recommend her.

Louisa Coy, Founder & Executive VA at Every Cloud Virtual Business Services

In the dynamic industry of virtual business services, Every Cloud Virtual Business Services was looking to enhance their online presence and expand their outreach. They reached out to us at Chell Web & Design and our task was to rebrand their already thriving business and develop a new website build that would elevate this virtual assistant company and mirror its to first-class services.

Our journey began by infusing new life into the brand through a captivating logo refresh. An update in the business name and colouring of the design. Playing with the blue and yellow from the brand, bringing in the gradient for both the logo and website was a great touch and reflection on the brand name.

Next, we set our sights on crafting an updated website, which will be their tool to build on their digital presence. A sleek and user-friendly 3-page website was designed and built, ensuring seamless navigation and a captivating user experience. To enhance the website’s visibility in search engines, we integrated a dynamic blog, empowering Every Cloud to share engaging articles and foster their SEO efforts, positioning them as industry thought leaders.

I worked closely with the team at Every Cloud Virtual Business Services on the website content to ensure their message was being conveyed seamlessly and in their voice. A key element of our design approach was ensuring the website had the flexibility to grow with the business. This bespoke website design template was built with that in mind. Ensuring that additional pages and features can be easily implemented over time.

Every Cloud Virtual Business Services now stands armed with a captivating website, ready to build their digital presence and start attracting more organic traffic to their business.

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