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“It was such and enjoyable experience working with Sasha on our website design. It was amazing how she managed to take what we had in our head and make it a reality. She took our brief and made our website come to life and we are ecstatic with the finished product. Her work ethic is admirable and really suited our pace of working – which is by no means slow! I highly recommend Chell Web & Design to anyone who is wanting to create an engaging and interactive website.”

Marian Bryden, Teal Learning Solutions

Working closely with Teal Learning Solutions, we had the pleasure of providing our services for their exciting website redesign and development. This project marked a significant milestone as the company underwent a name and brand change, transforming into a vibrant and playful platform for their esteemed hospitality training services.

With a keen understanding of their vision, we embarked on crafting a visually captivating website that would leave a lasting impact on visitors. The use of bright and energetic colors was skillfully incorporated to exude an inviting aura, while interactive elements were strategically placed to engage users and spark curiosity.

Central to the website’s purpose was the seamless presentation of Teal Learning Solutions’ extensive range of courses. We meticulously designed a user-friendly interface, allowing prospective trainees to effortlessly explore the diverse array of training programs on offer. Each course was thoughtfully showcased, providing detailed information and captivating visuals to entice visitors and instill confidence in the brand’s expertise.

We also incorporated a dedicated blog section, which meant Teal Learning Solutions could now share valuable insights and industry updates. This not only positioned them as thought leaders in the hospitality training realm but also contributed to improved search engine visibility and organic traffic.

Throughout the project, we emphasised the importance of scalability and adaptability. The website was built using WordPress, using Avada Theme, with a bespoke designed template designed by the team at Chell Web & Design. Enabling future expansion and seamless integration of additional features as Teal Learning Solutions continued to grow and evolve.

In conclusion, the collaboration with Teal Learning Solutions resulted in the creation of a dynamic and alluring online platform that perfectly captured the essence of their rebranded identity. With an interactive and visually delightful website at their disposal, Teal Learning Solutions is now well-equipped to showcase their courses and connect with a broader audience, solidifying their position as a leader in the hospitality training industry.

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