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“I can’t recommend Sasha highly enough. From the first meeting I knew I had the right person for the job. Sasha had some great ideas to help build upon my basic concept. She was very patient, as it took time to gather all the info, but I couldn’t be happier with the final result.”

Callum Thompson, Co-Founder of Red Maple Design & Build

Red Maple Design & Build was an exciting project to get given. Callum and Steve were builders working for themselves, when they met and started working together they decided they wanted to go into business together. They had their idea, and they got in touch with me to bring it to life.

They were in need of a logo and brand design. This logo was going to be used for both digital and printed business assets, including business cards, t-shirts and van graphics. So this needed to be punchy and recognisable, even from a distance. We worked closely to ensure their visions were created and it resulted in a successful logo that is being used by the team already.

We then needed to get started on their digital presence; the website was the key focus point. They needed a website that allowed them to share who they are, what they did and what they have done. I designed a site that followed their new branding to create a modern site that was easy to use and allowed them to share all that information and more.

The site includes a homepage that summarised what they offer but shares their story and legitimacy within the industry. Then there is a service page that dives deeper into their services, what they offer and details for each. Finally, they wanted to ensure their website was found locally. So I created them a portfolio page, that not only means they can start sharing their completed projects with prospective clients. But it means that they can use these individual project pages to target local areas which is great for SEO.

Overall, the website is a great success and ready to start bringing their new business clients. Also, the design of the site can easily grow with them. So as they get more content, new pages, blogs and projects can get added to the site.

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