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“We had a very complex setup of our company domain and email hosting. We needed to take over ownership of the management but had not the first idea where to begin. We were put in contact with Sasha, who not only transferred all management, inboxes and folders straight away for us, but upon completion also simplified an explanation, so we are able to understand and manage such things ourselves going forward. Sasha brings complete relief in stressful IT situations, she is efficient, responsive and a pleasure to work with. We have since taken up many of Sasha’s alternative services such as website design (the results of course did not disappoint) and we recommend Sasha highly to other businesses and will continue to use her services.”


“Upon meeting Sasha, we weren’t even sure what kind of theme/style we wanted for our website, but with some very vague attempts at explaining, Sasha knew the exact image we were trying to achieve for our company and made it a reality. We pay for regular website updates and have a smooth process where we provide the content and Sasha advises the best way to lay the information out and fit the website theme. As a small business owner this situation is a dream, as we have Sasha on hand with her incredible skillset to keep our online presents up to date and modern, something we could not manage without her.”

Sarah Kirby, Company Secretary of CDPM

CDPM were an established building refurbishments and property maintenance business looking to give their current website a facelift. With a recognisable brand, they wanted to grow their digital presence with a modern website.

I worked with them closely to understand their needs and what they wanted to get out of their website. We decided a one page website would suffice for now; allowing them to share their services, their background, their team and contact details, as well as a few projects.

We brought their brand to life with a clean and highly responsive website. With their many high quality image, we decided having individual project pages would actually work better. Allowing them to showcase their quality services individually. We built the website in a way so that it can easily grow. We can add a new page or project whenever they wish. So as their business grows, so can their website.

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