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“Sasha was really helpful, communication was great and good value for the service she provides.”

Vicki Gardner, Owner of 107 Brambles Chine

107 Brambles Chine, a rental property in Colwell Bay on the Isle of White. This client was previously using Airbnb to rent their property, but this the rising cost of charges, they wanted the option of visitors booking their stay on their own website.

I build them a one page website, which allows them to share all the information about the property. This includes description, images, amenities, reviews, location and even a booking plugin. I designed the site using seaside colours that helped reflect the ocean views and a homely feel with a traditional typeface. All in all, creating a modern but classic website for this client.

We discussed the options for booking through the website, and while they were able to make payment through the site, they have opted for a calendar booking enquiry plugin. This allows their visitors to enquire dates available and they can then get in touch with them to make payment via bank transfer. They then have the ability to take payment on the website in the future, if they so wish.

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