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Lynne Booth, Founder of Lifestyle Marquees

Client Profile: Let’s talk about Lifestyle Marquees—a fresh marquee hire company rooted in Surrey, UK, serving Hampshire, Berkshire, and beyond. They’re the newbies in town, eager to carve their space in the local event scene.

Client’s Aim: Lifestyle Marquees had a clear vision and a snazzy logo to boot. They wanted a website that matched their style and showcased what they offer. Our job? Take their fantastic look and create a website that made finding info a breeze.

Project Approach: We tapped into the power of WordPress and tailored it with a custom made template using the versatile Avada theme. It wasn’t just about aesthetics—it was about creating a space that felt like a virtual home for all their content, where everything was easy to find and explore.

Future Plans: Imagine the site as a digital playground set to host future stories, blogs, and galleries of their awesome marquees. We didn’t stop there; we made sure the site runs smoothly and loads fast, even with their high quality and sized image content.

Looking forward, we’ve set up a monthly tune-up plan, all geared toward boosting the site’s growth. Our focus? Diving into Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) to help Lifestyle Marquees shine in online searches. It’s about nurturing the site’s online presence and telling search engines, “Hey, this is the spot for top-notch marquee hires!” This plan focuses on bolstering SEO efforts, targeting niche keywords through location and service pages. Consistent growth and maintenance are integral to boosting organic traffic, signaling to search engines the site’s significance and aiding in higher rankings.

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