Website Design

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Scott Hanney, Owner & Founder of Ezy Room Rentals

Client Profile:

Ezy Room Rentals—a budding rental business specializing in affordable housing for NHS staff in Surrey and Hampshire. Their focus on supporting healthcare professionals made their mission both noble and impactful.

Client’s Objective:

Ezy Room Rentals sought not just a brand but a digital foothold to represent their vision. They aimed to create a robust online platform that would serve as a landing spot for landlords and tenants while attracting new clients to their cause.

Project Scope:

We didn’t just design a logo; we crafted an entire brand identity for Ezy Room Rentals, encompassing a spectrum of digital and print assets. From social media banners to business cards, and from ‘To Let’ signs to much more. However, the website stood out as the primary tool, serving not just as an introduction to their services but as a showcase for their properties. We set up a system allowing seamless addition of properties and comprehensive tenant information. The website also enables users to effortlessly filter through available properties, ensuring a tailored search experience.

Future Prospects:

The property feature remains poised for launch, aligning with the business’s growth trajectory. The site’s structure, equipped with templated pages, sets the stage for targeted on-page search engine optimization (SEO) efforts. We’re enthusiastic about witnessing the evolution of this new venture, anticipating its progress from inception to success. Ezy Room Rentals’ digital presence, coupled with a solid foundation for property showcasing, is set to propel them toward sustainable growth and recognition in the market.

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