Website Design

“Very responsive, and attentive to the needs of the client. Would most certainly recommend!”

Arthur Parry, Consultant at The Purpose People

Client Profile:

Meet The PurposePeople—a compact consultancy of sustainability-driven experts, passionately dedicated to assisting consumer product businesses in their sustainability journeys.

Client’s Objective:

The PurposePeople envisioned a website that would showcase their services, establishing a digital presence while maintaining an eco-friendly footprint that aligns with their sustainability ethos. With strict brand guidelines in place, the challenge was to harmonise design with their values and create a cohesive brand site.

Project Scope:

Our solution? A meticulously designed 5-page website that leveraged minimal animations, images, and files to reduce its digital impact to a minimum. We incorporated a plugin that optimised HTML, CSS, and other files to further mitigate carbon emissions. Hosting the site on a server powered by renewable energy added another layer of environmental consciousness.

Future Prospects:

Our commitment doesn’t end with the launch. We’re dedicated to monitoring and updating site plugins and themes to ensure the smallest possible footprint while bolstering security. The website stands as a versatile marketing tool, poised to grow hand-in-hand with The PurposePeople’s business. With its low environmental impact and strong functionality, it’s not just a site—it’s a beacon of sustainable digital presence in action, ready to support their journey and expansion.

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