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“Sasha has been nothing less than amazing in Supporting me with my new start-up business. She listens and is patient in explaining things I don’t understand so I can make an informed decision. I’m so glad to work with Sasha and would happily encourage anyone to do same. Many thanks Sasha! You’re awesome!”

Sita McKee, Director of You’re Valued

I worked with Sita McKee, a mental health specialist in building her digital presence for her new business venture, You’re Valued. This business was founded to help provide workplaces with needed mental wellbeing retreats.

We worked together to give her new brand a face. She shared with me a logo that she envisioned and working closely together, I was able to bring that idea to life. I designed a logo that represents her brand values. From there, I began working on the design of the 3 page website for her to launch her business with.

I designed a website that had enough information for Sita to launch with, that clearly explains her new business and the service she provides. We have plans to grow the website as the business does, without the current need for a blog, testimonial page or project page just yet, we kept the website concise. This helped keep the project more affordable for her and less pressure to create masses of content for the website right away.

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