Graphic design & Web Assistance

“I’ve worked with Sasha on a couple of web and design projects lately and would highly recommend her. A great communicator and can work from a brief. She’s been super helpful at creating new designs and also expanding some of the assets we have into more useable formats for various media. It’s like having an extra part of the team!”

Emma English, Director of BETA UK

I have been working closely with the team at BETA UK to design assets for digital and print marketing assets. I have also been helping them on an ad hoc basis with website fixed and design changes.

Recently they had their 2022 Summit which they needed an extra pair of hands to assist their marketing team to complete design assets. This included social media posts and templates leading up to their Summit to market the big day. I also designed pdf’s and slide decks to be used on the day of the Summit on the big screens and to be running during and in between sessions. They also needed rolling exhibition style banners to put up at the entrance and use for photo opportunities. This project was a success and I am looking forward to continue working with the team on future projects.

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