Brand & Website Design

The Timber Glazing Company, a new website build, for a growing collection of partner companies under UK Glazing Partnership. We work together to design a logo and brand for this new company, before developing their site.

Their logo was based heavily on the customers vision. Wanting their logo to illustrate the ‘timber’ features, using greens and browns throughout the logo and website as a brand guideline. We use the same website structure as their partner company The Steel Glazing Company. With updates to the content and website branding.

Wanting to be found on search engines as quickly as possible, they opted for my SEO Premium package. We create many SEO landing pages targeting key words their audience would be using.

The website works as a great way to gain new local customers, as well as a brochure of all the services they offer. With detailed explanations and example imagery to showcase their quality products and installation services.

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