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“Sasha at Chell Web & Design has been simply great to deal with. She’s very patient, talks in simple (non techie!) language I understand and nothing is too much trouble. Her pricing is fair and website she has done for us, is simply amazing. Highly recommend her”

Steve Page, Owner & Founder of Surrey Event Professionals

Surrey Event Professionals, a networking group uniting event suppliers and specialists in Surrey through monthly networking events, sought to revamp their online presence. Their vision encompassed a fresh directory-style website that not only showcased SEP members but also promoted upcoming events, provided information about the group’s mission, and encouraged new memberships. Furthermore, the website needed to be harmoniously aligned with their recently unveiled branding, with a heightened emphasis on delivering a seamless user experience (UX/UI).

In response to these needs, our team developed a comprehensive platform that exceeded expectations. The new website now functions as a dynamic directory, spotlighting SEP members, disseminating details about upcoming events, offering insights into the group’s objectives, and emphasising the benefits of joining the community. The sleek and user-friendly design seamlessly integrates with their re-branded identity, ensuring a delightful navigation experience for visitors.

Looking ahead, the website is primed for future growth. Prospective members can effortlessly submit their member page content via a user-friendly form, which administrators can then efficiently manage through the site’s backend. This streamlined onboarding process promises to accelerate membership growth. Additionally, the site will remain vibrant and current through regular updates of events, offers, and new member profiles. To boost organic traffic, the inclusion of SEO-optimised pages is planned, catering to individuals planning events in Surrey and further enhancing the website’s reach and impact. In sum, the revamped website is positioned as an essential tool for Surrey Event Professionals, facilitating networking, information sharing, and growth within the local event industry.

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