Website Design

“Sasha was recommended and has been amazing throughout the design, build and launch of our new website.

Being approachable, responsive and open to new thoughts and ideas, Sasha made the process easy, seamless and enjoyable and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to friends and family….

I look forward to working with Sasha moving forwards!”

Jack Winyard, Owner & Physio at Perform & Restore

Perform & Restore, a newly established sports physiotherapy business, approached us with the goal of creating a digital presence to help grow their venture. As a sports physiotherapist offering a range of services, including physiotherapy and acupuncture, Perform & Restore sought to connect with potential clients online and provide essential information about their services.

In response to their needs, we designed and developed a concise 3-page website that effectively showcased their services, pricing, frequently asked questions, information about the business, and compelling testimonials. The website also featured a collection of engaging images to provide visitors with a visual understanding of the services offered.

Through our collaboration, we successfully launched the website, providing Perform & Restore with a foundational digital platform to establish their presence in the online sphere. Moving forward, our plan is to further enhance the site by implementing SEO strategies to improve its visibility on search engines. We will also create individual service pages to offer more detailed information as the business continues to grow, and enrich the site with additional images and content to engage visitors effectively. This comprehensive approach will empower Perform & Restore to expand their reach and connect with a broader audience, contributing to the continued success of their sports physiotherapy practice.

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