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Do I have your attention yet? Okay, so that is probably not the CTA you want to use, but you get the idea. I got you motivated to do something you may not have wanted to do previously. That is the aim of any Call To Action.

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What is a CTA (Call To Action) and why do I need them on my website?

A Call To Action is an area on your website, (newsletter or social post), that invites the user to do something. If you are not to sure want you want your users to do, try asking yourself some of these questions:

  • What is the purpose of your website?
  • What do you want your visitors to do?
  • How do you want your visitors to navigate through your site?
  • What do you want to tell or show your visitors?

Some answers to these questions may be:

  • I want them to call me.
  • I want them to leave their email address.
  • I want them to read my latest blog post.
  • I want to tell them about my new discount.
  • I want them to request a quote.

How to use a Call To Action to make the user experience clear

Now you know what you want your visitors to do, this is where you can use CTA’s to make sure they are doing what you want them to. Here are a few tips to making a stand out call to action.

1. Short and sweet

You have to be short and concise with your CTA’s. Get straight to the point and make it clear what you want from the user right away. Not everyone is going to read a paragraphs of text if they’re not sure what they’re getting out of it.

You could even use a button for your call to action. A concise:

  • Request a quote
  • Call now!
  • Get started today
  • Read the post

2. Make the visitor feel understood

Starting with a question or an action point that will make the user relate to what you are providing.

  • Are you a small business in need of a new website? You’ve come to the right place.
  • Struggling with your SEO? Look no further.
  • Need advice on running a business blog? Here’s 5 tips you need to know!

Understanding your target audience is a must for this one, but once you know what they want (or need), it should be fairly easy.

3. Provoke emotion or enthusiasm

Get your readers excited about what you’re about to provide them. They probably weren’t excited to sign up to your newsletter or read your blog before they came onto your site. So you need to change that by bringing some drama.

  • Need advice on running a business blog? Here’s 5 tips you need to know!

You’ve suddenly told someone you’ve found the answer to their problems. Get personal with it, as if you’re directly talking to them one-on-one.

4. The FOMO is real

We all have a little bit of FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out). So if you entice your visitors with a chance to see or do something that nobody else can, or others are already doing, they’ll be sure to join in. What about adding a ‘For a limited time only’.  

If they believe that this opportunity will not come around again, they’ll be more inclined to take advantage of your offer now, rather than later.

Go get creative with your CTA’s

Now you’ve got some ideas on where to start. Take a look at what you’re doing at the moment and see if you can start using call to actions on your website. If you have already got a few, why don’t you try spicing them up a little.

Change your ‘Call today for more information‘, to ‘Don’t miss out! We are just a phone call away‘.

Explore your competitors websites and see what they’re doing. Now you will notice next time you’re being drawn into a deal or action you don’t really need.

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