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Franchising offers an exciting avenue for business expansion, but it comes with unique challenges, especially in the digital realm. A well-structured web presence is key to maintaining brand consistency and supporting both the franchisor and franchisees. Let’s explore how a parent website, along with tailored sub-sites, can benefit your franchise network.

The Parent Website:

This is the cornerstone of your online franchise presence. A parent site should articulate the franchise’s brand, values, and opportunities. It’s where potential franchisees come to learn about your business and the benefits of joining your network.

Sub-Websites for Individual Franchisees:

Each franchisee can have their own sub-site linked to the parent website. These sub-sites maintain brand consistency while allowing individual franchisees to highlight their unique offerings, location-specific information, and local promotions.

Template-Based Sub-Franchise Websites:

Ease of Deployment:

Offering franchisees a templated website design simplifies the process of setting up their online presence. These templates should align with the franchise’s branding guidelines to maintain a cohesive look and feel across the network.

Customisable Features:

Although templated, these websites can offer customisation options. This way, franchisees can personalise their site to some extent, catering to their local audience while staying true to the overall brand.

Ownership Models:

Subscription-Based Model:

Franchisees can “rent” their website, paying a regular subscription fee. This model is beneficial for ongoing support, updates, and maintenance, ensuring that the website remains current and secure.

Full Ownership Model:

Alternatively, franchisees can purchase the website outright. This option gives them more control but also more responsibility for maintenance and updates.

Benefits of a Structured Web Approach:

Brand Consistency:

A unified web design across the franchise ensures brand consistency, which is crucial for building trust and recognition.


Having a set template for franchisee websites streamlines the process of adding new locations to the network.

Support and Training:

Centralised web management offers opportunities for franchisors to provide necessary training and support to franchisees, ensuring smooth operation and compliance.

As a franchise owner, exploring web design options tailored to your business model is crucial. Whether it’s a subscription service or offering full ownership of the site, each approach has its advantages. At Chell Web & Design, we specialise in designing bespoke WordPress themes custom-tailored to your franchise needs. Let’s discuss your plans and how we can create a cohesive, effective, and scalable web presence for your franchise network. Get in touch today to design a solution that supports both your brand and your franchisees.