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“Sasha did a great job in bringing the Sustainists website to life. Her solutions addressed the complexities of summarising our work as an alliance and request for a low carbon website. Sasha was a pleasure to work with, responding quickly and comprehensively to our requests. We’re extremely pleased with the end result!”

Leena Ceccolini, Consultant at The Sustainists

Client Profile: Enter the Sustainists Consulting Alliance—an assembly of independent consultants intertwining business acumen with sustainability, driven by a vision to champion a resilient future where both people and the planet thrive. Their mission? Empower organisations to accelerate positive environmental and social impact.

Client’s Aim: Recommended by one of their esteemed consultants, The PurposePeople, the Sustainists Consulting Alliance approached us with a mission—to translate their sustainable values into a digital presence. They sought a website that showcased their services, highlighted their team of consultants, and offered a platform to present their collaborative projects. With a commitment to minimising their digital carbon footprint and strict brand guidelines in place, our challenge was to craft a website that seamlessly aligned with these principles while creating a cohesive brand identity.

Project Scope: Our solution revolved around creating a well-designed website with minimal pages—striking a balance between user experience and environmental impact. A key focus was the design of a case study page and the presentation of their consultants. We successfully achieved a smooth user experience while minimising the number of pages and elements, ultimately reducing the site’s digital carbon footprint. Employing minimal animations, images, and files in the design, we integrated a plugin to optimise HTML, CSS, and other files affecting carbon emissions. As always we hosted this site on a hosting server run on renewable energy, further reinforcing its sustainability.

Future Prospects: Built to facilitate easy content updates and accommodate the growth of their alliance of sustainability consultants, the site serves as a versatile tool for showcasing their work and expanding their online presence. Our commitment extends to ongoing monitoring and updates of site plugins and themes to ensure a minimal digital footprint and robust security. As the Sustainists Consulting Alliance continues to evolve and flourish, their digital platform stands ready to grow in tandem, promoting sustainability and positive impact in an ever-changing world.

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