Website Design

“I needed a website and I needed it quickly. Sasha was able to put together my website in just two days! It was everything I needed and it’s perfect.”

Roody, Handyman & Odd Jobs

This client was looking for a website for his offline business, Handyman & Odd Jobs. He needed a simple website with all the information he needed to share with his prospective clients. He had no imagery or any idea of what he wanted to look like.

With a project such as this, I can come up with a variety of ideas and brainstorm with you to get a better understanding of your style and taste. By looking at other examples of websites and branding. Both in your industry and not. This process definitely helped my client tell me what they wanted.

This was a short two-day project that has given him a digital presence. This one-page website has a clean design with modern graphics that solidifies his reputable service. This website project allows the client to grow his digital presence as his business does. When he is ready, he can add pages, posts and even projects.

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