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Unlocking Digital Success for Claire With The Camera

At our website design agency, we understand that a website’s journey doesn’t end when it goes live; it’s just the beginning of a thriving online presence. When Claire With The Camera approached us, she wanted to harness the power of her website to expand her brand photo shoot business and connect with a wider audience.

Over the years, we’ve collaborated closely with Claire, providing ongoing website maintenance and SEO services tailored to her unique needs. Our multifaceted approach has included:

  • Content Enhancements: We’ve continuously optimised and updated her website’s content to ensure it resonates with her target audience, showcasing her brand photo shoots and unique offerings effectively.
  • SEO Keyword Optimisation: By meticulously researching and integrating relevant keywords, we’ve elevated Claire’s website’s visibility on search engines, driving organic traffic and potential clients to her site.
  • Image ALT Tagging: We’ve improved user experience and accessibility by adding ALT tags to images, enhancing Claire’s website’s overall accessibility and search engine ranking.
  • Backlink Growth: Our strategic efforts have led to a substantial increase in high-quality backlinks, establishing Claire as an authority in her niche and boosting her website’s credibility.

The results speak for themselves. Claire With The Camera’s digital presence has experienced significant organic growth, with more potential clients discovering her services. We firmly believe that SEO is an investment, and the progress we’ve achieved so far is just the beginning. With our ongoing collaboration, Claire is poised for even greater success in the digital realm.

At our agency, we’re committed to helping businesses like Claire With The Camera unlock their full online potential, ensuring that their websites continue to thrive long after they go live.

“When the time came to outsource some of my website and SEO work, I went straight to Sasha! Sasha is really helpful and knowledgeable and has put things in place straight away to help me improve my website and SEO rankings.”

Claire Wormley, Claire With The Camera

About Claire With The Camera

Bespoke personal branding photo shoots, headshots and profile photos in Woking, Surrey and beyond, by Claire with the Camera

  • Would you love a brand presence that truly showcases the magic of you and connects with your ideal client?
  • Do you want to be more visible, but you don’t have any professional, on-brand photos to showcase your brilliant business?
  • Has your business evolved or pivoted and you’ve realised that all your photos are out of date, or don’t capture all the amazing things you deliver for your clients?
  • Or perhaps you want to inject your website with your personality to help you stand-out from a sea of competitors?

Hi, I’m Claire with the Camera and I’m ready to get started with your branding journey, to help you attract, connect and engage with your ideal client.

Let’s capture the very essence of you and your brilliant business, in a gallery of beautiful, bespoke, on-brand photos, bursting with personality to help create your online brand identity and help you get more visible.

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