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Steve Page, Owner and founder of Business In Surrey

Client Profile: Meet Business In Surrey—a dynamic networking group that serves as an independent and collaborative consortium of Surrey’s leading business event brands, networking groups, looking to build an invaluable signposting platform for comprehensive business support.

Client’s Objective: Business In Surrey aimed to enhance their support network, bolstering their established community with a robust digital platform. They sought a website that would effectively showcase various networking groups, provide essential business advice and support, and facilitate connections among local businesses. Their vision was to foster the growth of independent and trusted professionals in Surrey.

Project Scope: Our solution was a multifaceted website designed to cater to the diverse needs of Surrey’s business community. The site prominently featured networking groups, each with its unique services and support offerings. It also served as a hub for businesses to showcase their services, products, special offers, and events, providing valuable resources for growth. Submission forms were integrated to streamline the process for those interested in featuring their network, service, offer, or event on the platform.

Future Prospects: While the site currently relies on manual listing setups, it’s poised for automation in the future. Plans include implementing user logins and self-setup options for clients looking to showcase their offerings. The site is built to accommodate a high volume of listings under each category, making it a scalable and dynamic platform for the continued growth and support of businesses in Surrey.

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